All Things Daddy Pete's

Need to know more about us or our process? We'll do our best to answer your questions here.

All of our meats are fresh and locally sourced; carefully seasoned with our specially formulated dry rub and cooked on a smoker over wood!  The smoking method is designed to achieve the tenderness and smoked taste that you will thoroughly enjoy.

You can taste the smoke in the meat, but you can see it too. Look for that pink color just under the surface.  That’s the “Smoke Ring”…the sign of authentic barbecue that was cooked low and slow over real wood for hours.

At Daddy Pete’s BBQ we firmly believe in giving our customers what WE would want.  That means our meats are procured from a local meat market, and cooked the same day you eat it…the benefit of our smoker and commercial kitchen being on-board.  You know what you get is fresh!

We also believe in nurturing local business, so we partner with local businesses and vendors for as many of our needs as we can.

If you have a large group that you would like to feed.  Daddy Pete’s has a couple of options for you.  One option is for you to order party-sized pans of our menu items.  Please contact us at least one week prior to your event, and we can discuss your needs.

Another option for even larger parties, is to have the Daddy Pete’s concession trailer at your event.  Contact us for more information!